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AABC Online Courses

* acceptance into the AABC Certification Program required

  • Introduction to Bariatric Science (36 CE hours)
    Self-paced course registration now open

  • Food, Nutrition and Culture (36 CE hours)
    Self-paced course registration now open

  • Health Psychology: Focus on Obesity (36 CE hours)
    Self-paced course registration now open

  • Psychosocial Implications: (36 CE hours)
    Pre-Surgery Assessment and Treatment of Bariatric Surgery Patients
    Self-paced course registration now open

Bariatric Science Certification and Credentialing Program offers theory as well as hands-on clinical practice skills. Hospitals and health insurance providers recognize the need and often require this advanced training and certification and the public, finally, has trusted health and education professionals that they can rely on and identify as credentialed specialists.

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Bariatric Science Certificate Program, please see How To Become Certified.

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The American Association of Bariatric Counselors in conjunction with academic, clinical and research affiliates have developed specialized bariatric education and credentialing standards for already licensed/certified health and education professionals from diverse disciplines. In addition, a specialized accredited core curriculum in the bariatric sciences is available for Master and Doctorate level students pursuing professional health and education careers.

Board Certification by the AABC affirms that its fellows are licensed/certified health or educational professionals that have completed specialized academic training in the Bariatric Sciences and must continue their specialized education to maintain their Board Certification.